Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sincere Gratitude in Five

Happy Turkey, everyone and all.

The name of the game today is to tell you what I'm grateful for, but not in the once-around-the-table-at-Grandma's-house fashion.

To let the world (all five of you) know that I'm sincere, I'm going to attempt to express true gratitude only for things that I've never heard anyone else be thankful for aloud. Also, I'm not coming up with this list on the spot. That wouldn't be very grateful; brainstorming doesn't really communicate great depths of feeling. So, the second rule is that these are all things that I have actually noted and expressed appreciation for (even if only internally) in the past.

To review:

1. Never heard anyone else be grateful for the following items.
2. Have felt thankful for these items before today.

First, I am truly grateful for the smell of Tide white lilac detergent coupled with Downy lavender dryer sheets. I came across this combination when I was trying to develop a comprehensive smell strategy (CSS) for myself. It works. I love it. I often smell my clothes or blankets and think of how amazing it is that I live in a world where I have such clean and fresh smelling articles. Pre-20th century royalty could not have had it so good.

Second, I am thankful for the smell of old books--like "find it through the card catalog" kind of old books. It's so distinct and makes me feel like there is an exciting world around me still waiting to be discovered, but without the slightest bit of anxiousness or urgency. The books will always be there waiting for me.

Third: modern dentistry. Enough said.

Forth, I absolutely am happy to live in a world with Polo cologne. I don't use it. I can't afford it. And it doesn't fit into the CSS. But this is exactly the prototypical scent and essence of Man--what John Wayne would have smelled like all the time.

Fifth and finally, I am thankful for trunk space. Something about seeing a big, boxy, and deep trunk makes me really happy. I get all excited with the potential of all the things I could pack, stow, and carry, all with the greatest of ease. It's like a bonus car that quietly waits to continually surprise me.


Holdinator said...

Good list. I am thankful to know someone that can create a list like this.

By the way, if you haven't tried lavender chocolate, you ought to. It is simply delicious.

Kimberly said...

I don't have a trunk anymore. :( I learned I was grateful for trunks after buying a hatchback.

But I'm grateful for how the hatchback makes it easier for spatial-perception-challenged people like myself to parallel park.

Stapletons said...

I don't know you, but I feel entitled to comment on your blog and offer unsolicited advice anyway: you should seriously consider adding a letter to your blog title acronym of WWD to WWDD (What Would Daniel Do?). Think about it. Seriously

Noella Sudbury said...

a wonderful list: old book smell has always been a favorite of mine. hope your winter holiday was lovely.