Monday, November 2, 2009

Dog Stars

While (as mentioned) I don't really care for reality tv, I do really care about dogs, particularly my dogs, and I love a good competition.

That, along with a bumpy childhood, may help explain why I've been trying to come up with a format for a reality-show-esque competition for my dogs. Meet the contenders:

On the left we have Ms. Gretel, a mutt with moxie, the brown tiger. (Not to be confused with this guy...)

On the right is Mr. Myshkin, 21 pounds of Jack-attack. (Not to be confused with this guy...)

I am trying to think up some challenges and a way to turn them against each other for my amusement, but intrigue is a hard thing to teach a dog.

It may be a good thing I don't have children. However, if I did have kids, I wouldn't be tempted to make my own nativity pageant with canines. Lest you think I'm kidding, check out the shepherd prototype.

You cannot imagine how much this warms my heart, but, do not fear, I've told myself I won't let it go past shepherds and donkeys.

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