Friday, November 20, 2009

Hodge Podge

These are things I would've mentioned to other human beings, if I was ever around other human beings. There is neither theme nor general cause for interest.

There is a billboard on I-15 northbound as you're coming into Salt Lake. It boasts, "Utah's Fastest Tattoo Removal!"

This claim has zero appeal to me. You know what? Go ahead and take your time. I can stay for fifteen extra minutes. Need me to make another appointment? That's fine. You are super heating and exploding ink in my flesh by use of high powered lasers. Take all the time you need.

I realized the other day that it will be nearly impossible for any woman to live up to the standard of love, devotion, loyalty, and appreciation my dogs have led me to expect.

The dogs are so willing to be fooled by me. They want to believe that I am the best person ever. They need to believe in an all powerful, benevolent master.

A picture of my mother cycled through my screen saver the other day. Something about it stirred my emotions. It's not the best picture of my mother. It's not the greatest likeness of her. It's not even the most emblematic picture of her. So what was it I found so moving? Then I realized, that particular picture reminds me of Abraham Lincoln.

Not in the chin-beard and stove-pipe hat kind of way, but in the lines carved and forged in the crucible of human experience kind of way. She looks patient, kind, good natured, spent in service, wise, and strong.

Also, I just found this:

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