Friday, February 6, 2009

Heroes and Good Guys

This morning I was thinking about this man:

Captain Chesley Sullenberger III. What a man! What a name! Braving near death, remaining cool under pressure, and saving hundreds of lives in the process. Could this story be any more perfect?


On the news this morning they were calling him a hero. I was fully on board. But then, after a moments thought, I wished we had another word for this man--some kind of word that meant "a really good guy," or "an individual of far above average constitution."

I'm just not comfortable with a "hero" being thwarted by a small gaggle of geese. I don't want Batman succumbing to a one eyed duck, or Superman getting into scrapes with pelican with a nasty scar on his face. Let's not allow our heroes to run afoul of common foul.

When Sully lands a plan that's been stunned by a death ray, and I think he would, then let's talk "hero."

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