Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gaming Law

I tend to think in laws lately. It makes for horrible conversation. And I'm likely to pretend like you're saying something your not because you weren't careful enough with your language even though I know full well what you are really talking about and likely agree.


Here is something that is not a conversation that I have ruined:

§ 1-101-Holding
1-101-1: This section, 1-101 et seq., shall be titled "Holding."
1-101-2: It is hereby required that any and all participating parties shall know when to "hold 'em."
(a) Knowledge of when to "hold 'em" share be present in participant before act of holding 'em, and is made manifest by
(1) A correct understanding of the cards, including suit and value, of each of the cards participant holds.
(2) A reasonable assessment of the value of the cards mentioned in §1-101-2(a)(1), whether individually, in aggregate, or in any combination thereof, and an understanding of whether or not those cards are likely to be of superior quality than any other opponents in relation to the size of the amount in controversy.

I could go on...


Tyler said...

This post gives me anxiety when I think of starting law school in the fall...

ps. I know you have no clue who I am, nor do I know anything about you. I subscribed to your school of law blog like a year ago (you didn't post much) and it wasn't until you added a link to this one that I discovered you were a BYU grad. Same here. Anyway. Now that I feel really stalkerish, I've gotta say, I debated between U. Wash and Minnesota for some time, but I'm headed to Seattle in the fall. Ok, now I'll stalk off to some dark corner again...

Daniel said...

Hey, I was almost a golden gopher. Good times.

Good luck at Washington. Beautiful campus.