Thursday, October 22, 2009

Musing on Modern Life


"I'm sorry. I'm no longer interested. You are simply not as good looking or nearly as skinny as your internet photographs led me to believe."

Should be a valid way to end a relationship. (Whether or not the internet is a valid place to begin a relationship is a whole other matter recognized hereby, but not addressed herein.)

Somehow we are currently in a social landscape where one can wantonly and willfully deceive, but it's not ok for the the deceived to acknowledge the deception. Thus, making a victim twice over.

At least with alcohol people traditionally brought deception upon themselves.

Ironically the information age has promoted only the artful presentation of information, often misinformation, and has eroded the kind of genuine discovery and fact-finding that comes from real-life human contact and interaction. This kind of freedom to misrepresent is at an all time high.

I'm sure this has more troubling ramifications than determinations of "hot or not," but I'm a simple man, and am merely endeavoring to point out the surface of the iceberg. (Which, considering where this post began, seems an apt analogy.)

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