Thursday, February 24, 2011


More miserable failure.

1. Sleep goal: One out of ten. (I'm going to need an intervention.)
2. Writing goal: Maybe one page out of three.
3. Reading goal: Still one book ahead.

Last week's book was Blink.

I really enjoyed it. The book wasn't nearly as helpful as it could've been, and the content was largely stuff I had read elsewhere, but Gladwell can flat out write. The book moved quickly and was engaging.

However, Gladwell does quote some police men, and police men do swear like sailors. Be ye forewarned.


Jessica said...
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Holdinator said...

Whoops, I left a comment under an assumed (wrongfully) identity. Let's try this again.

One of the things I like about Malcolm Gladwell (I believe Blink was one of the books I suggested) is that he is one of those rare people who can be taken seriously even though he sports a ridiculous haircut.

Maybe someone could stage an intervention for all sleep deprived 30-somethings. I know I need it.

Daniel said...

Youre point, regardless of your identity, is true and well taken.