Monday, February 28, 2011

The International Language: Love's Labors Lost in Translation

Just in case you weren't raised on a steady diet of 1980's television and movies, let me take you to a cinematic place called Better Off Dead.

I believe the moral of the story was that meeting a French girl will fix up your boss Camaro and completely eliminate your severe suicidal ideation.

Sounds great, right? But where in Your-Town, U.S.A. do you find a French girl? Well, in the movie she came courtesy of the next-door neighbors via some kind of foreign exchange program.

Unfortunately this exchange was not about cross-culturization--no happy commingling of fromage and apple pie, or baseball and wine swilling. No, this poor phillie was brought across the sea by the neighbors for the sole purpose of making a love connection with the unsightly Ricky.

If you want to know more, you should go to your local netfilx and rent the movie. But for our purposes here you only need know at one point it is said that though Ricky doesn't speak any French, and the phillie doesn't speak any English, the two are nevertheless communicating just fine using the international language.

The audience is then left to uncomfortably laugh at the idea of the grotesque, fat American having a romantic relationship with the attractive, captive French chick.

What's the point? I'm not sure. But I've recently had a brush-up with the romance on the world wide web--and trust me, it is world wide. I'm not sure if Ricky and the Frenchette were able to communicate any better, but in my limited experience courtship and attraction doesn't necessary translate well.

And with that very, very long introduction, I now present to you a collection of emails I have entitled "The International Language: Love's Labors Lost in Translation." While I think they are funny, I am not poking fun. I promise. It's funny like all of us are funny, and I think, above all else, this is adorable.

hi... desire to make many friends

Don't we all?

oh! I not though you get write to me...but thnak you!:).... yeah I had a great sunday really!!:):) nice to meet you DANIEL!!

You are very welcome. I'm glad you had a nice day.

oh! Thank you Daniel!!...How was your day! here in Peur it is summer and great but sometimes not ahaha weel...I work doing proyecto envorimental I study it...and I love it career really.....I'm member as 14 years and u dear friend?.

Uh... It's winter here. There is a lot of snow. And I've been LDS for all my life.

oh much snow there it must be beautifull but difficult for the card !! no?.......oh woww all your life you are member of the church woww I glad for you friend!.....
Well we are in summer here in PerĂº....all quite!!:)yeah, you have luck:) hahahaaaa I believe it ...I think all your family is member truth....I glad for u really.... How was your day?....... You meet people by this?.

I am very lucky. And you are right, the snow is beautiful but hard to drive in. No, I haven't met anyone from the internet. The idea kind of creeps me out.

Wow, lol How you get creeped out? I have. :) been interesting. Mostly I meet great people :)

you look so official in your clothes. i like good guys:) :) Muy guapo must say!

Well, if you must...


Holdinator said...

I'm sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.

Kimberly said...

Are you making this up?

Daniel said...

I tinkered with the presentation, but it remains about 97% true.

Holdinator said...

It is a fantastic exchange.

Lee said...

What's a little boy like you doing with big-boy smut like this?