Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Hard Crowd's Bathroom

This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day ahead when I saw a large, very long legged spider on the floor next to me. The bolt of inspiration struck from parts beyond, and I reflexively leaned over and said in my best Paul’s grandfather’s voice: “I betchya you’re a good skimmer!”

The spider didn’t laugh. At all.

I started to worry that I had offended her with the anti-feminism reference. But maybe she had just never seen A Hard Day’s Night.


Holdinator said...

At the risk of losing some of your respect, I, like your spider friend, have also not seen A Hard Day's Night.

By the way, it was really nice to see you this morning. I'm always happy when you stop by.

Daniel said...

No respect lost, for you or the spider. It's an obscure reference.

Nice to see you too. I'm already on my third CD of the day.