Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back That Up

Do you want to know what rock and roll is all about? (Duh, you do.) Then listen to the drums on this Elvis Costello song: No Action (Early Version)

What's so rock and roll about the drums here? They are excessive, but not complicated. They aren't listening to you. They are doing their own thing. You can't stop them. You don't even want to stop them. 

I hate to even share this via the web, since you'll likely listen to it on a laptop or an iphone with puny  speakers, but since so few people come to my house or car, this is really the only place where I can share it.

Anyway, maybe you could at least turn up the volume--you are learning about rock and roll after all. 

1 comment:

Holdinator said...

You are forever a teacher of the most important things. I'm a little late to the party, by a month or so it appears, but wow. I have never heard drums quite like that. I'm speech(type)less.