Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Gift of the Internet

These are some of my favorite internet neighborhoods. Maybe you've seen them all (I tend to be about five years behind when it comes to youtube videos and other internet fads) but I did try to pick sites that were a little off the main road. Enjoy!

 Irreverent and funny without being disrespectful; this is a great place for anyone who ever wondered what Brigham Young would look like with a beard of bees, or for those who enjoy LDS-themed puns. 

This brilliant site randomly pairs a Family Circus cartoon with a Nietzsche quote. If it wasn't for life, I think I could hit refresh for hours. 

This seems self explanatory. It took a while to load, but I wasn't disappointed. Overall, it's a fine way to kill five minutes. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I use this site in meetings, especially when people are reporting about failed assignments. (True story.)

I love fine art. Though I've been back time and time again, I never get sick of looking through the "paintings" and "drawings" section.

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Holdinator said...

One chilly day in South Lansing, Elder Davidson and I, door knocking together on trade-offs, knocked on the door of a man who very bitterly told us that faith is belief in the absurd and that we should read Nietzsche, but that we might get kicked out of the church for reading him.

I've never really taken the time to do as he suggested, mostly because sitting down and reading a book like that seems really boring. But now, thanks to that amazing website you linked to, I can consume Nietzsche in a much more palatable way, one Family Circus frame at a time!

And I must say, from all of the nuggets that I just spent many minutes reading, I agreed with more than half of them, and was entertained by all of them.

Does everything find its way back to Lansing South?