Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogspot Confessional

These are things I have been holding in and I'm here to unburden myself. There are no crimes, only things I haven't shared.

1. I'm sorry Person X, but I find your endless and unrelenting cheerfulness and optimism uninteresting. Some things are worth recognizing as unfortunate.

2. Person Y, your enthusiasm for the Color Code is a huge turn off. Must every conversation come back to reds, blues, yellows, and whites, and is that really how you want to understand the world?

3. I was a ten-pound baby, and not the slightest bit chubby, I had no hair until I was four, I slept in cardboard boxes, and my dad has never once changed a diaper. This should explain a few things.


Ashley "Batina" Romrell said...

This was a really sad post... I wish I knew to whom you were talking about? But I LOVE the Color Code and by your personality I have identified - I can understand why you don't ;)

Ashley "Batina" Romrell said...

And your third comment was SO RANDOM!!! I rather enjoyed it =D

Holdinator said...

That was cathartic, no doubt. (Not very Catholic, though.)

Jaci said...

I agree completely on the person x, I just thought i made me a bad person for not always looking on the good side, because its exhausting, and in bad situations it's rude to tell the person that they aren't looking at the bright side, or trying to point it out to them.
Color code is not very interesting, and why must I be not only put into a box, but a box with a color that I don't like.,, I would like a green box with brown polka dots... is that a personality?
The third thing, I haven't spent much time with you, but I do know how you treat the young men, and I think thats made you realize that they need time, even one on one, with men in their lives.
I loved this post, and might have to do a similar one on my blog.

Daniel said...

Brian, it will be more Catholic once I chew some wafers.

Jaci, preach on .