Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Polotics as Unusual

Currently the Great State of Utah (and I mean that) is turning its attention toward creating new political districts. In the past it seems the legislature has used this as an opportunity to gain seats for the majority party.

I think this is wrong, and I let me state representative know it today. Here's how:

. . .

Representative Christensen,

I want to offer my support for fair redistricting, motivated by democratic principles and not by party politics.

I know the men and women who serve in elected office are largely people of character who have tremendous senses of civic responsibility. I am thankful for your sacrifice. I am not trying to impugn anyone's actions or motives--I don't know of any actions or motives worthy of suspicion. But I currently fear the rights of individuals to be represented proportionately is potentially in danger, and I wanted to bring awareness to the issue.

It's no secret conservatives enjoy a majority of support in Utah. I don't see any problem with this. However, to adopt districts with any intent toward diminishing the representative-voice of those who do not identify with conservative principles strikes me as deeply anti-republic.

As you are likely aware, historically state representatives have cut districts aimed at dividing races, ethnicities, and religions--to keep these groups, though numerous, from being a significant factor in any election. People dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal, regardless even of political orientation, will not stand for such legislative disregard of the spirit of our founding.

Please do everything in your power to see that all are protected as redistricting continues; to see that no voice is divided, muted, or marginalized; to ensure to all who are proud to call Utah home, may remain proud to claim the government as their own; to ensure that ideals win elections, and not boundaries.

I hope when the dust settles and the new districts are drawn, there will be a near-perfect correlation between the ratio of those in the state claiming conservative, liberal, and independent beliefs, and those representing us in government who bear the same respective characteristics.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if I can do anything to help in your service.


Daniel R. Staker, J.D.

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